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Trip to Paris!


Every year the wives of the club's members (who were dominantly male) went on a trip, usually with a bus to some local sightseeing place. This was meant as a thank-you for allowing their husbands spend time at the club every weekend.


The club's long term president, Georg Fengel, once promised that the ladies would be sent on a trip to Paris. He died before he could fullfill that promise, but his widow made that promise come true. In 1986, instead of a bus tour, the wives and ladies of the club went on that trip to Paris! I was able to go along and I had a GREAT time!








yes, that's me in the middle... with braces!

My room mate was Karen Wagner and one day we visited the Louvré, where she actually took some photos without getting caught! One was of the painting I liked the best, though I have no idea who painted it.

The day before our departure I saw a dress in a store window that fascinated me, but the shop was closed. The next day we had a bit of time, so Karen and I went to the store, I tried on the outfit and bought it. I have worn it dozens of times and still have it today!

this is the dress... picture taken in 1995



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